Alumni Spotlight: Charles Korger '91

Alumni Spotlight: Charles Korger '91
Brooke Ludemann '16

By Brooke Ludemann '16

This summer, the Tigers on Tour (TOTs) have had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Alumni about their Doane experience. We love hearing the stories of Doane's past, as well as sharing the goals of Doane's future. Now, we want to highlight the outstanding alumni that took the time to share their stories with us.

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This week's Alumni Spotlight, Charles Korger'91

This week, our Alumni spotlight is Charles Korger '91 from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.  He was one of many students that saw the benefit of attending a school that offered the opportunity to continue playing on an athletic team, while still holding academics in high esteem. Charles was a dedicated, first-generation student that studied Economics and Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. The small class size and professor involvement was very important to him. Outside of the classroom, Charles was very involved with the football team, Student Congress, and his fraternity, Alpha Omega. His Greek experience at Doane provided him with life-long friendships, and he shared many fond memories of his time as an active member.  

Since graduation, Charles has traveled throughout the midwest with his careers. He is now settled in Pennsylvania with his family, where he works for Independence Advisors as a Certified Financial Planner. Doane's liberal arts education provided him with knowledge in a vast array of subjects. He says his education has prepared him to be ready for any job situation.

The TOTs want to thank Charles for taking the time to Skype into our office and chat with us about Doane. Our alumni have laid the foundation of our college, and we are excited to meet and learn from their experiences!


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