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Alumni Endorsement Grant

Alumni Endorsement Grant

Good people know other good people. $2,000 to them. A serious case of Tiger pride for you. 


Doane College has long been home to Nebraska students - and it always will. Each year about 80% of Tigers hail from towns across the state.

We are honored they continue to choose us. But as President Carter likes to say, the number of fish in our pond is getting smaller.   

We need your help to roll out our welcome mat to out-of-state students. And who better than our good people to refer more good people?!

In honor of Doane's 140th birthday, our goal is to achieve 140 out-of state referrals - either high school seniors or transfer students - between August 29, 2012, and February 1, 2013. 

And referring benefits them, you and Doane!


Benefits to Out-of-State Students

If they come to Doane, they will receive $500 a year for up to 4 years. That's $2,000 in FREE tuition.  And of course, they'll get to enjoy the Doane experience.


Benefits to You

First, you'll get a serious case of Tiger pride!  You helped to pass on the impact to new generations.

Bonus: you can win prizes! We are going to celebrate key milestones on the way to our goal of 140

1st Alum Who Makes a Referral   Win a Doane sweatshirt.
1st Alum who Makes a Referral in each State   Win Doane prizes.
25th Referral of the Program   Win a free weekend in Hansen Suites over Homecoming.
50th Referral of the Program   Win a front row parking spot, free admission and primo seating at any 2012-13 Doane home game of your choice for you and 10 friends.
75th Referral of the Program   Drawing for a $75 Doane bookstore gift certificate.
100th Referral of the Program   Drawing for a $100 Doane bookstore gift certificate.
140th Referral of the Program   Drawing for a $140 gift card to Amazon.


A special incentive for those Greek alumni out there! On February 1, 2013, the fraternity or sorority with the most out-of-state referrals will win $100 toward their next student group formal.


Benefits to Doane

You are helping to support Doane College. Welcoming both in-state and out-of-state students will help ensure we keep the Doane tradition alive.

President Carter has set forth a carefully managed strategic plan for Doane's growth over the next 10 years. The plan includes growing to 2,000 students on the Crete campus, while growing faculty and staff to maintain the personal experience we provide. This is where enrollment needs to be to make sure that Doane survives when other colleges and universities may fail.