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Southeast Nebraska AHEC and Doane College


Careers In Health Care And Science Field Trip

We would like to offer you the opportunity for a field trip of real value to your students.  You can bring your students to Doane College in Crete for a field trip and one of several activities and presentations.  Traditionally AHEC comes to your school to present one of the available presentations (see Available AHEC Presentations) to individual classes or groups of students.  SE AHEC is still offering this, but is now offering the field trip as well.


The advantages of coming to Doane’s campus include:

  • Choose any combination of available AHEC presentations (see Available AHEC Presentations)
  • Access to real college science labs
  • Opportunity to view and have presentation with real human cadavers
  • Chance to sit-in on a actual college science lecture or lab
  • Have Doane’s science faculty speak about various educational paths and careers.
  • Learn about possible research opportunities for students during summer break
  • Tour of the campus and facilities
  • Eat lunch in a college cafeteria (cost of lunch is not covered)


The best part is you decide what works best for you.  Contact SE AHEC and design your own field trip based on what your interests and needs are.  Availability depends on dates and times of available classes.

All three presentations take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the class and student involvement and questions.  Any combination of the presentations are available when you come to Doane for the Careers In Health Care and Science Field Trip or arrangements can be made to have AHEC come to you.  It’s your choice, there is no fee!