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AHEC Presentations


Here is what students are saying...

Careers In Healthcare/College Success/Study Skills Presentations:

“Healthcare careers presentation was very informative and easy to understand”

“I liked getting right in there and interacting with the class (college course) we observed.  This was a great opportunity!”

“It was great to actually interact and observe both a science class and human cadavers.  Thank you!”

“I was locked into what he was saying and I enjoyed the time here”

“You were a very good speaker.  I appreciate the advice!  Thanks J”

“The speaker is Awesome!” - 8th grade student

“The speaker was awesome.  He was pretty cool.  He did a great job with the presentation.  Thank You” – 8th grade student

“It was amazing J I liked the health care presentation”

“The presentation was amazing”

“The presentation was pivotal in the way I think about my life” – Senior, Syracuse HS

“I found the presentation to be very helpful in helping me prepare for college”

“This presentation was so good!  I definitely recommend this to anyone, it gave me a good idea about college and healthcare”

Fieldtrip To Doane:

“I thought everything we did on this visit was very insightful.  I really liked the cadaver part and the College prep talk was very good and makes me a little less nervous for college.”

“I love the opportunity to visit this college.  Also, when will I ever be able to see a cadaver and hold an actual human heart”

“I enjoyed everything about our visit here today.  It was a fun and great learning experience” - 8th grade student

“The cadavers were really awesome!  Thank you for letting us visit Doane! J”

“The speaker did an awesome job with the presentation, and the cadavers although made me nausus were very cool and I learned a lot!”

“Before coming here, I didn’t want a job in health, now I do”

“I had a great time and I’m very thankful that I had the opportunity to come to Doane”


“Drew finds a way to connect with students and engage them in health careers” – Sarah Burr, Syracuse HS