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What if someone followed you through your entire college career?

Getting to know you and your goals, answering questions, helping you make decisions on your major, your class schedule, and how it all fits in with your life.

At Doane, you have this someone.

Student-focused is more than a buzzword. It’s the way we treat every student in every program. 


School of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Students

From your first day, you have a first-year success advisor. That’s really her title! “Her” is Rhonda Lake – academic advisor, consultant, cheerleader, sounding-board, and Doane guru.

After your first year at Doane, a faculty member takes over to guide you through your major all the way to your graduation. If in your first year you’re among those who already know your major, you get a double bonus:  a faculty member from that area who will advise you as well.

School of Graduate and Professional Studies  

Adult Learners and Graduate Students

From the first time you call Doane to ask a question about a program, you are already talking to your academic advisor. So even before you’ve made your decision to attend, you have an academic advisor if – or when – you need it.

If that sounds good, so will flexible appointment times. And a one-stop advisor for class information; registration; dropping or withdrawing classes; available college resources; problem-solving ideas for life or financial challenges; referrals to outside sources; and, all the paperwork and joy that comes with the big day – graduation. Really, all that in one person! And you can meet your advisor today if you’d like