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  1. STUDENTS WILL make an Academic Plan with courses they wish to take for Fall 2017.

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  1. STUDENTS WILL Request to have their plan reviewed by you. 


  1. FACULTY ADVISORS will receive an email prompting you to approve their course plan. 

Video: Faculty Approval for Freshman or Undeclared Students

Video: Faculty Approval for Upper-class Students

  1. STUDENTS WILL Register for courses during their Class Level registration time period.

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Note: If you have problems viewing WebAdvisor try a different Internet Browser or contact the Helpdesk.


Scheduling is done BY CLASS LEVEL according to the number of credits students have earned up to this point in time.

  FALL 2017
(90+ credits already earned)
March 22
(60-89 credits already earned)
March 23, 24
(30-59 credits already earned)
March 27, 28
(0-29 credits already earned)
March 29 - 31

Doane Honor Program participants can schedule their courses one class level ahead.

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17/SPR Liberal Arts and Selectived Topics Courses


Some points to remember:

  • When the students add course to their plan, WebAdvisor does not check for conflicts.
  • Students can put an unlimited number of classes on their plan for you to approve.



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