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Registration Information for Crete Students

School of Arts & Sciences

  1. Make an Academic Plan with courses you wish to take for Fall 2014 and/or Summer 2014.

Video: Academic Planning for Freshman or Undecided Students


Video: Academic Planning for Upper Classmen


Video: Academic Planning for Activities, Electives, or Variable credit courses


Video: Academic Planning for Summer courses


  1. Request to have your plan reviewed by your faculty advisor.  Schedule an appointment and meet with your advisor to discuss your plan.
  2. Register for courses during your Class Level registration time period.

Video: Student Registration


Note: If you have problems viewing WebAdvisor try a different Internet Browser or contact the Helpdesk.

Registration is done BY CLASS LEVEL according to the number of credits students have earned up to this point in time.

  FALL 2014, Summer 2014
(95+ credits already earned)
April 9
(60-94 credits already earned)
April 10, 11
(30-59 credits already earned)
April 14, 15
(0-29 credits already earned)
April 16 - 18

Doane Honor Program participants can schedule their courses one class level ahead.

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