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Leadership Development Program

Doane Leadership Quotient (DLQ)

Staff Leadership Development Program

Doane College is committed to developing goals, achieving results, and further integrating the college's vision, mission and values across every department, beginning with our leaders.  Leaders at Doane College have the ability to shape the future of Doane.  We know that developing our leaders is key to sustaining excellence and continuing the college's growth.

Beginning in the autumn of 2009, participants in the DLQ program embarked on a  journey of leadership development.  Leaders throughout the College engage in monthly leadership sessions that incorporate the seven core competencies of a leader on which the program is based. 

DLQ Mission

To develop a comprehensive leadership development program that engages our leaders to reach their full potential.


  1. Create a leadership development program that develops leaders based on the Doane College Leadership Competencies.
  2. Engage leaders to learn and integrate the college's vision, mission, values, and goals in the decisions they make, their communication, and in their leadership of others within and outside the College.

Integrating the Values

The DLQ program is centered on the Doane College values; Community, Empowerment, Excellence and Impact.

  • Community: Doane is an engaged and cohesive community comprised of individuals and smaller communities, in which everyone can contribute and participate.
  • Empowerment: Doane encourages its community members to take initiative - to act effectively and ethically by making principled decisions and taking responsibility for them.
  • Excellence: Doane sets high standards of teaching, scholarship, service and leadership.
  • Impact: It is the heart of the Doane experience. At Doane, one can make a positive difference on oneself, on others, on the environment, and on life.

DLQ Program Resources: