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A Nameaste Experience

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This course is designed to blend numerous elements including off-campus travel, service-learning and interdisciplinary study. Students will travel to several cities and villages in South India and will spend time experiencing the rich diversity of this region while exploring its many spiritual, cultural and historical elements. Students will spend time prior to the 21-day travel experience in several on-campus sessions which will prepare them for the richness and challenges of this travel course. Key features of the course will include exposure to the great contradiction and contrast of India. Students will witness, side by side, the most contemporary expressions of technology and globalization along with the marginalization of the Dalits (the Untouchables.) Students will view the splendors of ancient architectural temples alongside dwellings handmade of mud. As they work with the Indian people in their service-learning project, students will feel and appreciate the great welcoming heart of South India. Students will leave India having worked in partnership with the villagers of Chengalpattu to build an open-air school and return to the United States as members of a global learning community.