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A Low Tech Guide to a Sound Mind & Body

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Inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman ideal of a sound mind in a sound body and powered by a spirit of friendly competition and a low-tech approach, this course will divide the 12-person class into three four-person teams that will move through a series of challenging brain-teasers and physical workouts that will incorporate sound physical training principles and help to build a wide range of analytical reasoning skills. Certain challenges will blend both physical and mental problem solving. The class will take two field trips to Omaha. Mental challenges will include: analytical matching, story puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, chess, logic games, and a debate-style challenge called "the Verbal Gladiator." Physical challenges may include: Bikram (hot) Yoga, Indoor Rock Climbing, Extreme Core Strength and Bodyweight Exercises, Weighted Exercises and Antagonist Muscle Training, Kettlebell and Cardio Training Routines, a Martial Arts introduction, and a final day of Restorative Techniques and Meditation. There will be a multicultural aspect to the course as well. The routines employed (the cultural contexts will be explained) are drawn from a wide range of world cultures including: India, Japan, England, Russia, Israel, and the United States.