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Registration Information for Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island Students

School of Graduate & Professional Studies

Meet with your Advisor to help you select courses and plan your way to graduation!

When you register for your courses, via the web, your registration will be COMPLETE and you will be responsible for the tuition due.  The 15/AUTM term promissory note due date is December 4th, 2015. Census day for the 15/AUTM term is August 24th, 2015. Last day to withdraw from a 15/AUTM course and receive a "W" grade is September 11th, 2015.

  • Register at WebAdvisor, starting July 27th, 2015, select Register for Sections then Search and Register for Sections.  You can drop/add courses via WebAdvisor through Sunday, August 16th.  Starting Monday, August 17th (first day of classes), please contact your advisor to drop/add a course for 15/AUTM. 

Resources to help you navigate WebAdvisor registration:
   - Web Tutorial
   - Registration Step-by-Step with screen shots
   - Step by Step without screen shots

In-person training is available in Lincoln at the Associate Registrar's Office or in Grand Island during regular office hours.

Problems Using Webadvisor?

If you are unsuccessful using WebAdvisor, go to to submit the courses you wish to register for.  If you are doing this from an off campus computer, some browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox) require a crete\ before your name when you log-in (ex:crete\john.smith). Upon hitting submit on this form, an email will be sent to your advisor who can help you to enroll. You will need to state why you were unsuccessful using WebAdvisor (ex: you got a pre-requisite warning, you need a directed study, etc.)

Students without technology can come to campus to enroll in a computer lab.


Resources to help you order books online:
   - Web Tutorial  (scroll forward to 5:18)
   - Online Book Ordering Step by Step with screen shots