Healthcare Facilities


  1. Add more rural and underserved community based training sites with an emphasis on primary care, behavioral health, and interprofessional education sites
  2. Provide access to continuing education programs for health care professions in underserved areas
  3. Support, enhance and expand community based health professions training opportunities.
  4. Increase the overall number and diversity of health professionals in rural and/or underserved communities.
  5. Develop continuing education and information dissemination programs that will meet the needs of health care professionals in the AHEC service area, with an emphasis on individuals providing care in underserved areas and for health disparity populations.
  6. Continue community-based rotations and projects, increase available housing and rotation sites, and provide new training opportunities for behavioral health students, interprofessional education, and community based participatory research.
  7. Develop innovative opportunities for “rural cultural competency,” support the HRSA Veterans and Service Members project through NAO.

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