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411 on Residence Life


Roommates are chosen by reviewing your personality traits and those of other new students. The residence hall application forms give us information on your living habits, likes/dislikes and preferences. As an upperclass student, you can pick your own roommate.


Every room has four standard items: a bed, desk, chair and closet or wardrobe. You can make yourself at home by bringing a few items – within reason. Find our “within reason” list here!


Lofting materials are available in all Residence Halls. Check with your Residence Director or Resident Assistant for specific details.

Kitchen & Laundry Facilities

All halls have kitchens with microwaves, ovens and refrigerators. Halls also have pay laundry facilities that take either quarters or pre-paid cards.

Fire & Weather Safety

Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are installed in all student rooms, hallways and public areas in accordance with state building codes. Evacuation plans are clearly posted in every building and drills are scheduled regularly. Emergency shelters are available in halls and across campus and are clearly marked.

Hall Staff

Trained staff serve as Residence Directors and oversee each hall with the help of upperclass students who act as Resident Assistants.

Building Access

For safety, our residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Students can access their own hall using their ID cards, and all students have access to some of the amenities in our halls during visitation hours.

No Smoking

All halls (and campus buildings) are smoke-free.

Cable, Phone & Internet

All rooms have basic cable and phone service. There is wireless Internet and network service.

Housing Application

Please contact your Admission Counselor or the Office of Admission for your housing application form.

No Pets Allowed

The only exception is small fish (no reptiles).

Guest Policy

Students may have guests over, but overnight guests must register here and with the Resident Assistant on duty.